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Experience how Nature and Play deepen Inner Wisdom

Are you eager to explore Embodied Belonging? Hearth Place offers a range of personal and professional development opportunities, including workshops, presentations, and a pathway to certification in Focusing Oriented Therapy, to help you and your clients access inner wisdom.

An illustration of blue eggs in a little nest on the Hearth Place logo

Supervision and Mentoring

Hearth Place offers Nature Guided Focusing Oriented Supervision and Mentoring for Therapists and Therapists-in-training. Available one-on-one and in small groups.

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Nature Guided Focusing Training

:: Interest list now open for Fall 2024 :: Your pathway to certification as a Focusing Oriented Therapist or Certified Focusing Professional. A total of 16 Training days in person at Hearth Place. Topics include: Focusing and … Belonging / Compassion / Dreams / Grief / Nature Within / Nature Without / Play / Resourcing / Social Justice / Finding your Focusing Niche

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Current Offerings

Eager to Experience Embodied Belonging?

Hearth Place is offering a 6 session Experiential Nature Guided Workshop Series

We will learn, engage, and understand from our own embodiment.

We’ll explore Embodied Belonging through: Dream Weaving / Focusing / Nature Constellations / Sandplay / Sauntering / Sit Spots / The Work That Reconnects / Wonder Walking

Find out more in the Embodied Belonging Workshop Poster


Embodied Belonging Workshop Series (Poster)
$360 per person (includes six 2-hour sessions)

Nature Guided Focusing Training (Info Sheet)
$300 per person per 6 hour training day

Supervision and Mentoring for Individuals
$240 for 80 minute sessions

Supervision for Small Groups
$180 per person for 120 minute sessions

“Dean’s eloquence in explaining pith principles, his skill in space and silence, his playful, creative companioning, make him a superb teacher of Focusing.”

~ Gillian Parrish

“The perceptive insight that Dean brings forth in the context of supervision seems to spring from his deep knowledge of Focusing, and he is able to offer his insights skillfully and in a way that embodies the approach itself: with a strong spirit of curiosity and an invitational stance that is evident in both his words and his demeanour.”

~ Monica Dragosz

Ready to help your clients access their own inner wisdom? Book now to experience how Nature and Play can support you and your clients to access Wonder and Awe.