An illustration of a bird that looks like a robin singing perched on the Hearth Place logo

Renew your sense of your own Belonging

In Hearth Place sessions you will talk and listen as much with your hands and body as you do with your thoughts and words. Just as a body internalizes emotional pain, conflict and trauma, it can also release those blockages with playful embodied therapy.

An illustration of a bird that looks like a robin singing perched on the Hearth Place logo

The modalities offered at Hearth Place go beyond the limits of cognitive talk therapies. Attending to multi-sensory, somatic experiences can enhance your understanding of your emotional experience, help build your capacity for attention and focus, and widen your window of tolerance for dealing with distress.

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Whether you’re 8 or 88, sessions at Hearth Place, using forms of somatic therapy, expressive play and nature guided interactions, can help you access a profound sense of your own belonging. Clients of all ages have accessed these modalities to help with experiences of death, distressing dreams, grief (including ecological grief), identity shame, inner conflict, loss, and transition distress. Including navigating gender identity, polyamory, sexuality, and social role changes.

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Pricing for Nature Guided Focusing Oriented Embodied Counselling

80 minute sessions are $242

50 minutes sessions are $151

(50 minute sessions may be available for clients under 12 years old when a shorter session is in their best interest.)

Sessions are in person.

Can you find 30 minutes to feel wonder and awe again? Hearth Place offers a free in person experiential consultation.