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Sometimes, moving forward begins with stillness

We weren’t born to live like this. Modern cities constrain us to artificial environments of concrete and steel, entombed with filtered air, communicating in isolation through bright screens. Far from the rejuvenating energy of field, forest, river and sky. While living off-grid may not be for everyone, you can still visit, and access the healing environment that your body, heart, mind and soul need to repair and rebound.

An illustration of grass and moon icon on the Hearth Place logo

To get back, you need to get away

Hearth Place offers a variety of therapeutic solo retreat options. These solitude breaks bring you the quiet time to sort things out, disrupt mindless routines and go deeper.

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As a solo retreat guest, you’ll stay in the spacious, self-contained Earth Floor Suite for 2 to 4 days, spending time amid the trees and meadows and resting by the Cowichan River. You can simply stay in seclusion, or pick any of the optional add-on supports to enrich your retreat experience.

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Pricing and Add-Ons

Solo Retreat Rentals

$288 for 2 day Retreats

$388 for 3 day Retreats

$488 for 4 day Retreats

(available Fridays 11am through Tuesdays 11am)

Optional Add-Ons

Basket of Nature Guided Reflection Prompts

Want to structure your own time, but need some help to focus and process? Opt for Nature Guided therapeutic reflection prompts.

$22 per day

Daily Check-ins & Personalized Sessions

Need the support of a Daily Check-in? Want to explore a particular embodied and experiential modality? Hearth Place offers personalized sessions in Dream Exploration, Focusing, Equine Facilitated Wellness, and Sandplay. Learn more about these Modalities here.

$140 for 40 minute sessions
$280 for 80 minute sessions

Personal Meal Service by local Chef Charlotte

Nurture your mind and feed your body. Talented local Chef Charlotte can deliver healthy meals customized to your diet and the duration of your stay. This service is subject to availability, to be determined when you book.

$88 per day for 1 or 2 days
$66 per day for 3 or 4 days

Unplugged Retreats

Need to truly unplug, un-screen and un-wifi? You can elect to turn off all digital connections for the duration or a portion of your stay. Hearth Place boasts no cell service. Wifi access is available. If you choose to fully unplug, at least one Daily Check-in / Personalized Session add-on is recommended.

Airbnb Booking

You can book through the Hearth Place Airbnb Listing or follow the Book Now link to discuss your retreat goals directly with dean.

Ready to feel Wonder and Awe again? Book now to Reconnect with your Self and Nature.